Caterham Cars Australia

The Lotus Seven, in its original guise was created by Lotus founder Colin Chapman in 1957. The iconic Seven model continued in a new life as the Caterham Seven from 1973, when Chapman sold the manufacturing rights to his biggest dealer, the Caterham Sports Car company.

It has been continually evolving ever since and in 2000, the larger SV and CSR chassis cars were announced. With people getting bigger, this was an important engineering upgrade, as the original Seven was designed for Chapman’s, 5’ 7” frame. The new SV chassis can accommodate drivers of up to 6’ 7” in height.

This development was crucial for Australia, as Australian Design Rule (ADR) regulations changed, making the original smaller Series 3 chassis no longer compliant.

Caterham Cars Australia has been the official importer for Caterham products in Australia since 2006. It is based in Melbourne and operates out of the ZAGAME Automotive Group premises. All deliveries are through the Zagame Melbourne dealership. There are a range of Caterham Service Dealers in all major centres in Australia.

The Caterham models available in Australia are:

  • Seven 275 the new more powerful entry level model
  • Seven 355 the perfect balance between road and race track
  • Seven 485 the flagship ultra-high performance model

The Seven created the Clubman ‘genre’ and despite many ‘copies’, it remains as the original and we believe the best ‘clubman’ range available today.

For pure unadulterated, undiluted driving experience, these is just nothing that comes close.