Caterham Cars Australia

Caterham production lead times are usually a minimum of 12-months. As a consequence, final retail prices can only be provided 6-months prior to production start for these special cars, assembled by one person in the factory in Kent, UK. A detailed price list will be provided to customers at that time, allowing them to complete the final specifications of the vehicle.

For the 2023 Model Year only two of the larger SV chassis variants are available, both powered by a hand built, Ford block-based Cosworth engine. These are the Seven 485 S and the Seven 485 CSR. Both share the 2.0 litre 177 kW Cosworth engine, 5-speed manual gearbox, Limited Slip Differential, and Fully Adjustable Suspension all round.

The main technical difference is that the 485 S has a De Dion semi-independent rear suspension, whereas the 485 CSR boasts inboard front suspension and a fully independent rear suspension.

Both models are fitted with 15” diameter wheels in standard specification, albeit in different widths, but the 485 S is also available with 13” wheels, which are 6” wide at the front and 8” wide at the rear. This is the same size used by Formula 3 racing cars, making Formula 3 racing rubber available for track use fitment to the 485 S, if fitted with the optional 13” wheels.

Indicative 2023 recommended retail prices for these two models, in standard specification, excluding ‘on-road’ costs are $128 000 for the 485 S and $138 000 for the 485 CSR.